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Yes, you read correctly, I’m talking about my book again! I have big plans for Ruff Seas over the next year, and thought it was time to get the ball rolling. Before I reveal my plans for where I’m going to be taking Ruff Seas, I want to refresh you on what Ruff Seas is.

Back in my final year of studying Marine & Natural History, I decided to make a dog walking guide to Cornish beaches. Being a dog owner in Cornwall, you have to find your way around the seasonal dog bans that effect many Cornish Beaches. Such bans include the Seasonal ban (that bans dogs between certain dates of the year, typically between Easter Sunday and the 30th of September), the time-sensitive partial dog ban (banning dogs between specific times of the day, generally 7am-7pm but this can vary) and the dog lead ban (predictably, requiring you to keep your dog on its lead at all times!). Failing to adhere to any of these rules can result in a fine and being asked to leave the beach with your dog straight away; not the way you want to end your dog walk! In my guide I wanted to point people towards beaches that don’t implement these dog bans.




In my first edition of Ruff Seas, I explored 10 such beaches across 30 pages, discussing various features in the landscape, nearby facilities and where’s best to park. I used my photography to show off the beaches, as well as a stunning map produced by my personal illustrator/girlfriend. I had a lot of fun producing this guide, as well as promoting it through social media, and I am very pleased with the amount of copies I sold when the guide was published, however this time around I plan to make things bigger and better!




In Ruff Seas 2 (not sure if that’s going to be the final name), I am setting out to explore 25 dog walking beaches across Cornwall. Included amongst these new locations are going to be my 10 original beaches from the last book, however I am going to be exploring everything in lots more detail. In the first book, each beach was pretty much limited to one double page spread, whereas this book is going to have 3 double page spreads for each beach, giving me all the space I could possibly need to delve deep into my locations.


When I began planning Ruff Seas 2 towards the end of 2018, I originally wanted it printed and ready to post for the start of the dog ban in 2019, Easter Sunday. Upon realising that it would mean exploring, photographing writing and designing close to 100 double page spreads in the space of about 4 months, whilst working a part time job and dodging the unreliable weather towards the end of winter, I decided this was perhaps slightly overambitious. Instead of rushing to get a book out there, I want to take my time in order to make it the best book possible! This would also allow me to properly photograph the beaches at all times of the year, to give an accurate representation of the beaches in question; there’s no point showing a photo of Perranporth in the winter with a handful of people on it, when compared to the hordes fighting for their spot in the summer!

So with all this space for information, what will I be covering? I plan on breaking the beaches down into three main sections; a general overview of the beach, what’s in the surrounding area (dog friendly café/facility recommendations please!), and other walks in the area. The first section is going to essentially be the sort of information that I covered in book one; “This beach has sand dunes, a river…”, letting the reader know everything there is to know about the landscape. Spread 2 Will be going into detail on the area surrounding the beach; many places featured are surrounded by towns, villages and points of interest, and I want to share details about dog friendly cafes, pubs, restaurants and anything else that might accommodate our four legged friends! The third and final spread will be about other walks in the area. I’m sure if you ask any Cornish dog walker they will have had at least one walk on Perranporth Beach, but have they walked across the dunes and cliff paths to Holywell Bay? How about the coastal path in the other direction, to Trevellas Cove and St Agnes beyond? The aim of this section is to discover new ways to enjoy your favourite locations!


To accompany all this writing, you can expect plenty of new photos of the beaches being covered, as well as photographs of the different attractions, alternative walks and most importantly all the dogs I meet along the way! Ruff Seas would of course be incomplete without a new map and titles produced by Nyassa Hinde, so you can expect to see more of her work popping up across social media in the future.

I hope this is enough to keep you interested in where my little (soon to be rather large) book is going! The deadline I’m setting myself for this (not an aim, I WILL stick to this) is a spring 2020 release, around the same time as the dog bans start to come into play. In the meantime, I will be trying to keep up the hype across social media, sharing plenty of sneak peaks at all our adventures as we document the new beaches, with Ralph and Leo in the spotlight of course!


If you have any recommendations on dog friendly locations, I want to hear them! Be sure to get in contact with my though this site, my Website, Instagram or Facebook pages! I also need some dog models to feature across the book, so if you want some photos of your pooch, please get in touch and we can arrange a walk!

A huge thank you to everyone who has supported Ruff Seas in the past, even if it was just sticking through liking all the dog spam on my Instagram accounts! I really look forward to getting stuck into this project again, and can’t wait to see where it goes!

As ever, thank you for reading and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for more updates on Ruff Seas as we swiftly move through 2019!

Henry G.V

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