A New Direction

… A month later and I’m finally writing my follow up blog post to my previous post about Lizard Adventure. I wish I could say that it had been a productive month, but besides working my part time job all I’ve really got to show is lots of photos of me and Nas out enjoying the sunshine! So on this particularly gloomy day, I ask you to cast your minds back to last summer…

Around the time I handed in my final pieces of coursework for my degree last summer, I received a message on my Instagram from a Sportswear Design student at Falmouth University, Abi Little. At the time, Abi had designed a collection of sailing garments, and was looking for someone to photograph the clothing in use out on a yacht. As this sounded right up my street, I jumped at the opportunity and we met later that week at St Mawes Harbour. Myself, Abi, the models and the people helping to sail the boat enjoyed a stunning evening out on the water. For my first fashion style shoot, I was really happy with the results, an example of which can be seen above. Once Abi had received her final edits, I became engrossed with the progress I was making on Ruff Seas at the time, and fashion photography all but slipped my mind.

Fast forward to this April, and Abi approached me again, looking for more photographs of her new collection of hunting outfits for her university portfolio. Feeling pretty lost as to where my photography was actually going at the time, I couldn’t say no to an opportunity to get some work in!

For this shoot we went to a small patch of forest at Saint Just in Roseland, near the King Harry Ferry. There I met Abi, the models (Morgan, Noah, Troy and Josh), as well as Fred who was filming a short promo video of Abi’s clothing.

We spent a couple of hours walking around the forest, shooting in a variety of different places. As with the Lizard Adventure Shoot, shooting in a forest (especially on a sunny day) can be pretty challenging due to the harsh shadows and cluttered backgrounds, however I am really happy with the ways I photographed the models, being sure to capture all the fine details of the clothing.

While we were still arranging that shoot, Abi recommended me to one of her coursemates, Millie Winson. Much like Abi, Millie needed photographs of her clothing range for her university portfolio. Millie’s collection of clothing was much like Abi’s first designs, except instead of sailing, these clothes were designed for speed boating.

For Millie’s Shoot, we went to Mylor Yacht Harbour, where I met Millie, the models (Morgan, Jo, Sophie and Flick) as well as Abi who had come to help out. We began this shoot by photographing on and around a speedboat owned by one of Millies friends that was moored on the jetty. Again, for this shoot I had to be sure to capture all the fine details of the clothing, as both collections featured very technical designs!

Towards the end of the shoot, we took the speedboat as well as a RIB (kindly piloted by one of the people who works at Mylor Yacht Harbour) out across the Carrick Roads towards St Just in Roseland on the opposite side of the river. I was very excited about this, as it meant I had my own camera boat, complete with chauffeur!

For more photos from these shoots, you can visit my website by clicking here!

While I in no way consider myself a ‘fashion photographer’, I definitely enjoyed these two shoots. I will always photograph my friends and family casually whilst out and about, however shooting in a more formal way was a nice change. I am really interested in expanding my skills in this area further, and maybe even branching out into fashion/lifestyle photography. So if you are reading this and have a project in mind and would like to work together, I would love to hear from you so please get in touch!

Henry G.V

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