Finally getting Somewhere…?

When I first started my blog, I had every intention of regularly updating it. I got off to a good start with this, however my last post was a month and a half ago! So I felt it was time for a bit of an update on what I have been up to.

It’s been a pretty quiet year for me since finishing university. I have regularly been going out on walks and photographing for my Instagram (as well as Ruff Seas of course), but in terms of actual paid work, there’s not been a whole lot (not through lack of trying!). However, the last month suddenly got pretty hectic!

In March, I created a list of brands, people and places that I wanted to ‘pitch’ my photography work to. After gathering all of the emails for this list, I sent a batch of emails out, in this case specifically, to Cornwall’s vast array of watersports and outdoor activity centres.

While the result of sending emails out to 15 different places, I heard back from only 3, and even then 2 of these places basically said “maybe some other time”.  This was all to be expected though. I got the pitching idea from several local creatives who teach other creatives how to approach brand, and one of the main things I took away from their advice is to not get hung up on the people that don’t reply.


The positive reply I did get was from Lizard Adventure. Based, you guessed it, on the Lizard Peninsula, Lizard Adventure offer a variety of different outdoor activities, including paddle boarding, kayaking and coasteering. After a couple of emails and eventually a phone call, we arranged for me to come along to one of their survival skills sessions to photograph them some new content. Growing up being a Beaver, Cub then Scout meant I was right at home photographing the families building dens and campfires!


In this shoot, I reported to the stunning Clowance Estate, located roughly between Helston and Camborne, where I was greeted by the two guides who would be running the workshop. When the families had gathered, we began walking down to the campfire area while the guides taught everyone (me included) a variety of different wild plant life that would be safe (or unsafe) to eat!


When we reached the campfire area in a small patch of woodland at the bottom of the estates grounds, it was time for den building! Everyone worked together to make one large den, with the adults doing the heavy lifting while the children ran around to find smaller branches and leaves to form the walls. By the end, we had a den big enough (with a bit of squeezing) to fit all the children in for a photo opportunity.


Next it was time for campfires. The group split up into smaller groups, and set about making their small fires. After lots of smoke and excitement using flint and steel to make sparks, the professionals showed everyone how it was done, by lighting the main campfire for the guests to prepare food over


The guides made nettle tea out of nettles that had been gathered on the way down for the adults, as well as hot chocolate for the children. They then began to make a dough, and added wild garlic that had also been foraged on the way down, which was then rolled out and wrapped around (clean) sticks, that was roasted over the fire to become garlic bread! I was too busy running around and photographing everything that was going on to try any myself, but the garlic bread smelled amazing!


I had a great time on this shoot, and really enjoyed the challenge of photographing in the inconsistent lighting conditions of the woodland. I felt it was really important to not distract the group as they participated in the various activities, to keep my photos looking as natural as possible. As one of my first ‘proper’ photography jobs, I felt this experience was perfect for me, as it played to my interests in the outdoors while combining working with families as well as the people working for the company itself.

I definitely plan to do lots more pitching in the future, and already have a pretty extensive list of places I’m going to try and offer my services to! If you’re reading this and you need some new photographs of your brand, business or products, please get in touch!







Within the same week as this shoot, I actually had two more photography jobs, this time for a pair of Sportswear Design students at Falmouth University. I will be going into more detail about these shoots, however I felt that they would be better off in their own blog post, so stay tuned if you would like to hear more!  

Henry G.V

3 Replies to “Finally getting Somewhere…?”

  1. Thanks for sharing this. Such a lovely post on local Cornish wildlife and how to interact with it while having fun – including some beautiful photography! I recently came across your photography through inFalmouth magazine’s Instagram page. Your posts are gorgeous! Looking forward to more and extremely happy to have stumbled this way.


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